Lori-Anne Douville - À Propos

About Lori-Anne

Lori-Anne has always been passionate about the arts and has found ways to express it through her paintings, yoga practice, and modeling. Her desire to explore the arts starts at an early age when she takes painting lessons and participates in several teenage beauty contests in both Canada and the United States. She puts her passion on hold to focus on her studies and completes a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Mathematics at Concordia University in 2006. Toward the end of her degree, she looks for a way to bring balance into her life and tries yoga for the first time. It is not love at first sight with Bikram Yoga, but it sparks something in Lori-Anne.

After graduating, she travels the world for several months and realizes that she does not wish to continue as an actuary. Lori-Anne decides to contact a modeling agency in hope of obtaining some future contracts. With her BA and a few modeling contracts under her belt, she gives Bikram Yoga another chance. This time, she falls in love with the healthy lifestyle. In the spring of 2009, she decides to attend the intensive yoga training in Palm Springs to become a yoga teacher.

Lori-Anne’s life adventures had only just begun. In December 2009, she moves to the Netherlands where she not only teaches yoga, but also rekindles an old flame: she is painting again. With a new balanced lifestyle, she has found her way.

Her rich European experience showed her that a life without yoga and painting is inconceivable. Balance and self-realization are now an integral part of her everyday life.